Chapter 3: The Growth Marketing Process

The growth marketing process can be defined in 4 phases:

  • PHASE 1: Research Phase
  • PHASE 2: Ideation Phase
  • PHASE 3: Experimentation Phase
  • PHASE 4: Integration Phase

Key Outputs of Each Phase

The key outputs that result from each phase of growth marketing are as follows:

  • The Research phase should give us:
    • Metrics to be focused on
    • Data from any past experiments executed on those metrics
    • Target audience and user personas
    • List of competitors with similar marketing audiences
    • Potential growth marketing channels
  • The Ideation phase should give us:
    • List of ideas for growth marketing experiments
    • Some ranking for prioritization of ideas (one popular framework for doing this is called the ICE framework)
    • List of channels and tools needed for the execution of the potential ideas
    • Feedback of key stakeholders on the growth marketing ideas
    • Final shortlist of the idea(s) to be executed
  • The Experimentation phase should give us:
    • Data from the executed experiments
    • List of learnings from experiments
    • A set of useful resources that can be used in future
    • Final shortlist of experiments that can be scaled or integrated as a process
  • The Integration phase should give us:
    • Scaled experiments that lead to compound growth results for the key metrics
    • Workflow integration of the experiments as a process into the startup or business for long-term results for growth.

Those 4 phases, repeated again and again, is what makes companies grow.

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