Chapter 1: What is Growth Marketing?

Welcome to the Growth Marketing Book.

In this first chapter, let’s define growth marketing. Growth Marketing is a framework that focuses on finding marketing implementations that focus on improving a given metric through rapid experimentation.

Growth Marketing as a Superset of Marketing Experiments

Growth Marketing experiments can use various channels, methods, and tools. These channels, methods, and tools often fall into other areas of marketing like:

  • Paid methods (Digital Marketing)
  • Organic methods (Digital Marketing)
  • Unconventional methods (Creative Marketing)
  • Unconventional channels (Creative Marketing)
  • Other People’s Networks (Growth Hacking)
    • Influencers, Affiliates, Referrals
    • Other People’s APIs
    • Other People’s Communities (and so on)
  • Viral Mechanics (Technical Marketing)
  • Marketing Automation (Technical Marketing)
  • Behavioral Psychology (Growth Hacking)
  • Lean Analytics (Data-Driven Marketing)

This essentially means that growth marketing is a superset of other marketing approaches and channels like Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking, Technical Marketing, and Creative Marketing. There are endless possibilities with growth marketing.

Fundamental Growth Marketing Process

The key process is what defines growth marketing, which includes the following steps:

  • STEP 1: Understand the key metrics to be improved
  • STEP 2: Design experiments that directly or indirectly impact the selected metrics
  • STEP 3: Execute the experiments in sprints and measure the impact on the selected metrics
  • STEP 4: Pick the experiments that work the best and scale them (usually using tech) or integrate the experiment as a process into the startup or business.

That’s the core growth marketing framework and process. This approach to growth can also be applied to other areas of life and business, not just marketing.