Chapter 8: The Growth Marketing Mindset

In Unit 2, we explored the growth marketing process.

To put the growth marketing process in place, we need a growth team with the ‘right mindset’.

In this chapter, we will define what the growth marketing mindset comprises of.

And it’s not just one mindset.

A lot of blogs and books talk about the “growth mindset” which should not be confused with the mindset needed for “growth marketing” or the “growth marketing mindset”.

While the growth mindset itself is a great way of thinking – which lets you believe that you can change and be dynamic in your talents, skills, way of thinking, and so on rather than being “fixed” in most things since birth.

However, the growth marketing mindset requires much more than that.

In fact, it’s a whole new way of thinking which can be developed by incorporating the following 6 brain tattoos:

  1. Always Doubt the Default
  2. Everything is an Experiment
  3. Focus on your North Star
  4. Trust the process
  5. Think Lean and Agile
  6. Embrace the unconventional

In the next 6 chapters, we will go through each of the above in detail.

I will also give you some questions to ask yourself to help develop this way of thinking.

The best way of develop a new mindset is to apply it in different areas of your life.

That’s the good thing about developing mindsets over learning tools and hacks.

A single new mindset will improve multiple areas of your life.

While learning and exploring tools and hacks are important, they’re only stable buildings when the foundational mindset is solid.

So let’s deep dive into each mindset one by one.

See you in the next chapter!